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Rect Gray - Icon Pack

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Rected Gray - Icon Pack Something new, something different from Coastal Images. Rectangle and gray for a great combination on your screen. Rected Gray - Icon Pack Features:
* 2700+ custom icons* 30+ HD cloud-based wallpapers * XXXHDPI Icon 192x192 px* See all icons by using "Icons" option in app* Icon Request* Image picker you can attach a custom icon to messages or even use them with Zooper Pro or KLWP* Support for dynamic calendars * Use the "Contact" option in app to report bugs* Icon Masking for un-themed apps* Alternative icons to choose from (app drawer icons for example)

Rected Gray - Icon Pack has Support for 22+ launchers and many more
* Apex Pro* Nova Prime* Action Launcher* ADW Launcher* ADW Launcher EX* Atom Launcher* Aviate Launcher* Cyanogen* Go Launcher (GO Launcher doesn't support Icon Masking, go to preferences/Icons and uncheck "show icon base"* Inspire Launcher * KK Launcher* Lucid Launcher* Next Launcher (Next Launcher supports icon upon but only system apps, but manual apply will change the rest)* Nine Launcher* Smart Launcher Pro (apply the icons through the sets dashboard, do not apply by launcher preference)* Smart Launcher 3 (apply the icons through the sets dashboard, do not apply by launcher preference)* Solo Launcher* Themer* TSF Launcher 3d Shell (TSF SLauncher 3d Shell support may remain unstable. If you're not sure then DO NOT PURCHASE)

Weather icons used in the Zooper Widget Clock are by Kelly Kretchek thanks to him for letting us use his awesome work, the Clock in the screen can be found at our g+ community which is linked below.
Wallpapers and widgets that are used in the preview screens for Rected Gray - Icon Pack are not necessarily a part of the icon pack but usually can be found on our g+ community linked below.
Our g+ community Coastal Images